Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year/Christmas Party

Yesterday we celebrated the New Year and Christmas with Grandma Bet, Boppa Bill, Auntie Marsha, and Great Grandma Marci. They arrived shortly after 11 and the fun began. The kids had to show everyone their new toys. Asher waited impatiently for the food to be ready (typical Asher). We ate a fabulous lunch and then dove into the presents! Asher, having figured out the whole present thing, could not wait to open. He got a bunch of boy toys: Remote controlled car, a tractor, monster trucks, a dino backpack and a sleeping bag were his favs. Addison sat quietly waiting to see which presents were hers (she always feels left out we believe). Addison got, of course, a new baby which she just loves (she loves them all!), Melissa and Doug cookie kit that is just adorable and a new little outfit that she ran around in all afternoon. Alivia was the most anxious about opening and seeing what was inside. She loved her new clothes too (styling around in it), new purse, Melissa and Doug cupcakes, and this glow in the dark Crayola thing that is super cool! All the kiddos got one big present together: A jumpy jump! After some initial hesitation, Daddy found a spot in the basement to put it up for the time being. The jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped! What a great gift! Daddy got some new toys, too, in the form of a huge tool chest that he has been "playing" with all morning. It is like -10 degrees outside, but he does not seem to mind. Boys are always boys! I got things to go along with my New Years goal of trying to make myself look like less of a slump. :) We are also again members to the forest and the Children's Museum. Those are the best gifts because they give all year long to all of us! We are already planning our next visit.

After jumping and jumping, it was time for a treat: brownies and icecream. Mmmm!

It was a fun day! We were sad to see everyone go home. I could not wait to go to bed after skipping a night of sleep as I worked New Years Eve as a favor. Today was a day worth missing sleep!

Present TimeMmm...Does that say cookie dough?Addi with her babyAsher runs the remoteStylish GirlsWhat is that?Cookie anyone?What is that in our basement?Let's Jump!Glowing Drawing!Daddy with his new toy


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