Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A little update...

...oh the joys of life.
Alivia has gone to Bell Elementary 2 days so far. Day one was fine and she did not say much. She did say that it seemed to be forever before they got lunch and they did not get rest time. And, she misses her friends a lot. On Tuesday morning, I could not get her out of bed. She cried saying she did not want to go. That is when we really knew how she felt. Tuesday was the first day back from winter break for Standing Bear, and she did get an email from one of her friends and sent emails to her close friends and her teacher. She misses all of them A LOT. Today, well, we are experiencing yet another snow day. Chris and I are getting adjusted too. It is sad to see her sad. Pick up and drop off are easier here. You drive up and drop off and she walks into school. At pick up, she comes out when she sees our car and we go home. Pretty easy.

The car has been repaired. Yeah! It was a Jenson Tire malfunction - so DONT take your car there! We took it to the location near our old house and they did a poor job causing the incident. Chris will be going to Jenson with the big receipt for repairs stating that Jenson was at fault. We are sure they will do nothing - but we will feel better.

Chris has been applying and applying for jobs. There are some out there, it is just if he hears back from anyone. That is always the challenging part. He is sticking to local jobs for the most part, but has applied for a relocation job within his current company. He has a job, as it looks now, at Offutt Air Force Base through July. Luckily, we have savings in case this ever happened. But we really do not want to touch it.

Addison and Asher have not a clue what is going on, for the most part. We are pondering where to send Addison to preschool next year. This month is the enrolling month, but where will we be next fall? We are leaning towards the Catholic Preschool right now.

I am done being mad for what good does it do. Chris did ask his boss prior to our move about job stability and his boss said things were fine, more or less. His boss probably knew that contracts were going to be up the first of the year, but failed to mention that to Chris. Anyway, I am applying for jobs, too, however reluctantly. We have to have A income. I had a phone interview today, so we will see. I am hoping it does not come to that.

Update over...

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