Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Give Us a Sign

When Chris and I were pondering our move, we kept wishing that God could just give us a sign. You know, a sign telling us what we should do because we just did not know.

Well, obviously, we made our decision to move.

After selling our house, then we began to see the signs. Like the house we wanted to buy had liens placed on it, or maybe that the previous owners were getting a divorce and not being transferred after all (that is not a positive thing), or the builder was going bankrupt. Then there was the waiting, sleeping on the floor in an apartment while using a leatherman to open up can goods and cut bread. Then, we finally get into this home, and we, for the most part, do not like it. Yes, I have said it, we do not like it. We like small parts of it, but overall, we do not like it. I will not even bother to get into details. Alivia does not like her new school, misses her friends, and gets extremely upset before going to school in the mornings. The girl has just not been herself since we moved from our first home. Then, Chris finds out that he only has his job located right down the street until the end of the year. Great! We moved over here to be closer to his work and now he will not be working there! Lovely. The mortgage is higher, but it is not too bad at this point. With that said, we could have handled the mortgage much better if we had never moved in the first place considering Chris' work situation and the possibility on living on our savings until he finds suitable employment (or I will be returning to work. If Chris completely loses his job, I will be returning to work as a full time nurse while he finds another job). So, there are many signs now saying that we should have never moved.

I saw a billboard like the one pictured above while driving down L street shortly after moving into this home. The sign remained there until today, when I saw that it had been taken down. Does God punish? I didn't think so. I guess He did cause the flood - but I thought He said He would not do anything like that again. Humm...I don't know. Perhaps He is trying to tell us that we were wrong and make us work harder to repair things. It is all on how we look at the situation.

So, we are back to trying to make the best our of the situation. We would give ANYTHING to not have made the decision to move. But, we can't go back now. Jesus probably would not have moved if He were in that situation. We had our 3 kids in mind, though, and we did not want them to growing up thinking that you had to watch out for flying dog poop and hotdogs while playing in the backyard. That is just not normal.

The adjustment period may be long. Or, maybe, must maybe, we will move back to northwest Omaha someday, the land where there is more than one grocery store to select from and they have food on the shelves and where there is a big Cross in the front of Church.

For now...we are home. Thanks for the sign though. It was just a little too late to help us.

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