Sunday, January 17, 2010

No Shoes Please

We have a rule in our home, no shoes in the house. I initiated this rule at our previous address because of different articles I had read about tracking "things" into homes from your shoes. Chris hates this rule. He does now follow it, however. My Dad makes fun of me, saying a home is to live in. Yes, we do live in our home. We just do it without shoes. My Mom says, "But you have a cat." Yes, yes we do. I can only do what I can do. 

Let's just think about where those shoes go. First off, you go to walk on grocery store floors, play grounds, public restrooms, through grass that has been chemically treated, doggie poo, etc. Do you want that all over the floors inside you home?

I read an article recently in one of my pediatric magazines about chemicals found in homes. They found that most kitchen floors have pesticide residue, including those taken off the market because of suspected health risks such as neurotoxicity and cancer. They found that 89% of kitchen floors had pesticides while 42% had DDT (banned in the US since the 70's!). Shoes track in soil particiles from the air and ground, which may explain the banned chemicals. Seriously, read THIS. It just makes sense! 

Seriously, it can not  hurt to take simple steps to reduce the risk to our kids while they are in our home. So no, I did not make this household rule to be controlling. I am a stay at home mom, I have no control. :) While we are in our home, we are going to take whatever steps we can to keep our kids safe and sound. And watch, they will go outside and eat dirt.

Welcome to our home, but no shoes please.


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