Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bow Wow!

For the next few days or more, we are dog sitting for Kota, my parents yellow lab. She is a good, adorable dog. With that said, it has been an adjustment on all of us having her visit us.

Kota arrived last night with Grandma and Grandpa. She brought dinner with her from Mamas. Yum! I took her on a quick walk around the block, and she did quite well for a farm dog. At her home, she just runs outside. Here, she is on a leash in our fenced in back yard. That can be quite a change. But, Kota has taken it all in stride.

Today, at 6:40 in the morning!! (seriously, it's Saturday!), I awoke to the kids opening the laundry room (where Kota is sleeping) and talking to Kota. I quickly jumped out of bed and prepared myself to go outside and walk.

Walk? Kota does not know that work yet. She RAN me around the block to go potty. I had not even woke up yet when she jumped over a snowdrift, so I followed. She jumped down, and went I jumped I jumped onto a sheet of ice and fell really hard on my butt. I sat there a minute as Kota came and licked my face as to say, "Get up, let's GO!" Ouch! I think I crushed my butt! Battered and bruised, I finished our morning walk. What a way to start off.

After breakfast, Chris took her outside to play for about an hour, throwing the ball around, then the Frisbee, that Kota quickly ate to nonrecognition. Then, it was time for my run. Kota ran me for the first 1/2-1 mile. Then she got the hint that I was the boss here. She ran the rest of my run, about 5 miles, great! A couple hours later, Chris went on his run and took Kota again. She was probably thinking we were trying to kill her at this point. Chris loved running with her. She is such a good dog.

At home, she was clearly exhausted. She laid in front of the door and watched the happenings of Shadow Lake.

When nap time came, Kota started napping too. She has been napping for 2 hours now, snoring most of the time.

No, I am not convinced that I want a dog. Having a dog is like having another child. She is a lot of work. But, she can visit anytime!

The Stare Down

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