Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Another Day, Another Snowday

Today we enjoyed a cold day at home. No complaints...I actually didn't mind being home. We did leave the house today (Shocker!) to get bread. It was cold and our driveway is a total sheet of ice. But, we survived.

The rest of the day?

Play doh, movies, and making cinnamon rolls. Ah...the smell and taste of homemade cinnamon rolls. What a treat!

Tomorrow, Alivia returns to school and Addison to preschool, while Asher and I adjust to reality...the 2 of us. At least we have each other.
Frosty View this Morning

kneading the cinnamon rolls

Temp at 11:30 when we went to get bread. Ugh...

Let's Rise


And...the cinnamon rolls are a hit!

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