Saturday, November 22, 2008

Krista is...

...being all sentimental. working on Asher's 1 year scrapbook on Shutterfly. so thankful for this blog.

...misses Asher because tonight I started weaning. :( talking like facebook. Okay, Chris and I have been on Facebook for a while now. It is a total waste of time. I was getting on when I was pumping Asher's next sippy cup, which is diminishing by the day. Chris and I have caught up with many old and far away friends and family. There are people on there from my high school that I have not seen or heard from in years. This is the closest either of us will probably ever get to a class reunion! Anyway, there is a place on your own personal page that asks, "What are you doing right now?" and when you select it it says, "Krista is..." and you are to fill in the blank. So, when going to write this blog...I had 4 things to use to "fill in my blank." being all sentimental while Second, is working on Asher's 1 year scrapbook on Shutterfly and Third, is SO THANKFUL that I blog everything so I can just enter it into the scrapbook! I love it! Going back and seeing how Asher a has changed and grown. The girls have changed so much too. I will get into that more when I do the 2008 Austin Family Album at the end of the year. Oh, it is so sad how quickly the kids are growing up!

And forth, I miss Asher something terrible tonight. I work Friday nights for about 3 hours (6-9 or something long like that :) ) typically at Janie and Jack. Since Chris was putting Asher down last night, I thought it would be a good night to try weaning the night time nursing, one week prior to his first birthday. He went to sleep without a tear, and he slept until 6:15! :) What a champ! I, on the other hand, am in tears! I miss our time together. I know he will wake up and want me (or to nurse) in the morning, but I still miss him. You would think that after 3 years of being pregnant, breastfeeding or both at the same time (actually nearly 4 years with about 5 months or so off in between the girls) I would be okay with this. But, you all know, I am one big baby!

So, Krista is...

...about to go help Chris put together Christmas Gifts. Good night!

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