Monday, December 10, 2012

Catching up

If it is not obvious, Chris has been out of town. It should be obvious because I always fall behind on everything when he is gone. It is a lot of work being me and filling in for him! :)

Anyway...last week last week. Oh...yeah, last week. It was jammed packed...with going to Church. We kicked off the Advent season at the Family Festival on Monday night (after missing Sunday Mass due to Addison having the stomach flu after getting up in the middle of the night to drive Chris to the It was fun way to get us in the Holiday Spirit. Wednesday, my parents came down. My mom took Asher and I shopping to help me find something for my dad. Meanwhile, my dad worked on that never ending drywall project in the basement (I do believe I owe him BIG for that one!). Although I hate shopping and am not fun to shop with, Mom helped me get done. Yeah!

Thursday we celebrated Saint Nicholas Day with the tradition new ornament per kiddo. Addi and Asher loved the idea, while Alivia was annoyed with it all (I do believe it is time to come clean to her about Santa. She does not believe, rolling her eyes at everything now). Asher invited me to preschool to help him make gingerbread houses. It was so much fun. He made one filled with candy and colors. It turned out cute. It was so yummy looking, he ate all the candy off after school. :) Thursday night, my parents came down again! I bet they love Chris' travels (with much sarcasm). They have helped me out a lot! Anyway, they came to watch the kiddos so I could go to an adult education class at church. It really was interesting in the end (although I am not a fan of going anyway at night alone). Thanks Mom and Dad!

Friday, I was exhausted. I really had no motivation to do anything. I finished up the weekly cleaning and laundry so the house would look perfect for Chris to come home, if only for 2 days. I took the kids to Holy Day Mass at night, picked them up dinner to eat in the car, and I was out the door to get Chris from the airport. What a week!

Chris arrived home safe and sound. Our weekend was more of the same chaos with one 12 hour night shift and another bout of the stomach flu for Addison thrown in there. This morning (in the middle of a freezing cold night actually), Chris Dad drove Chris to the airport for a week in Philly this time (last week was in Florida as usual).

Meanwhile, I am slowly losing my sanity with each and every trip, and I am guessing Chris is, too. I am getting better with the juggling act at home, but I wonder how I will ever pull it off when Chris and I are both back to work? Is that even possible? I am not worrying about now. Tomorrow everything may change. Until then...

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