Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visit to Santa


I waited until Chris was home to take the kids to see Santa. On Tuesday night, we finally went to pay Saint Nickolas a visit in Shadow Lake.

Alivia was so nervous to see him and talk to him. So funny considering she is quite uncertain of his existence. Alivia asked Santa for a razor scooter with light up wheels like Addi and Asher have (she rides Addison's scooter all the time) and for refillable pencils. :)

Addison asked Santa for a guini pig (NO WAY!). Santa explained that his elves would contact us as parents to see if that was okay first. Addison then said she wanted pretend dogs (like she needs any more!).

Asher asked for the same thing from Santa the 3 times he visited with him (At the Children's Museum, Lunch with Santa (the same Santa no less) at Old Chicago in Shadow Lake and this time), a pirate ship. :) Asher talked to Santa like he knew him. So cute.

Chris and I even unexpectedly got in for a quick picture with Santa.

The Spirit is still alive. Let's see what Santa brings this year. :)

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Courtney F said...

This is such a cute family photo!