Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last Date Night of 2012

Chris set up a little surprise for me to end our 2012...a date night. Who knew he had it in him? Anyway, the kids were to go to his parents overnight while we got to do whatever we wanted. Hum...what to do?

We set out to try a new pizza on our  hunt for the best pizza in the Omaha Area. So far, our family likes Mama's Pizza midtown best (but their west location is probably just as good, it is just further away from us at the moment). Moving on, last night we decided to try Frank's Pizza off of 132nd and Dodge. It was freezing cold out and I did not want to go anywhere, but we drove there anyway. Chris brought the box to the car and had me lift it. Was there anything in the box? The pizza was extremely thin, burnt and had just a splash of sauce and cheese. The crust, as it turned out, tasted like it burnt toast. Yuck. So, Frank's Pizza is not on the list of Omaha's best pizza for us, nowhere near the list actually. Costco's frozen pizza beats Frank's Pizza actually. We gave Frank 1 out of 10 stars at best.

So, for the rest of the night, we went to the movies, seeing, "This is 40." That movie is LOL hilarious! Okay, maybe it is because I'm now closer to 40 than I am to 30 and Chris is 40, our kids are similar ages to those in the movie, the movie is quite relate-able, and it is just plain funny. This movie was just what we needed. So funny.

Next up," Life of PI." This is not a funny movie. It is sort of a Castaway type movie with a grown Tiger. It was a good movie, too. It is more of a serious movie, though, but not that serious.

We would recommend seeing either movie. If you want a good laugh, "This is 40" is perfect. If you need a little drama, than "Life of PI" will work.

Normally on the morning after our date nights when the kids stay over someplace, Chris and I go on a run. However, my now temp low is 30...and the high today is not even 30. So, we stayed in, relaxed and watched TV in the quiet house. Quiet is something it never is in our home, unless you are here between the hours of midnight ant 4am. :)

We enjoyed our date night and look forward to the next one. I'm thinking the next one should be on location somewhere warm. GET ME OUT OF THIS COLD! :)

Thank you to Chris' parents for watching the kids. We are guessing some noise cancelling headphones will be purchased in their near futures. :)

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Courtney F said...

Sounds like the perfect night except for the pizza. We want to see This is 40, but not sure if I am old enough yet. :) Just kidding, we love those two actors!