Friday, December 28, 2012

Skate Date

 Yesterday afternoon, after days of listening to Addison beg, we went to Skate City for open skate. We arrived, paid our big $$ (Seriously, why is it so expensive?!), rentals, fun tunnel area fee (($3 a person), and finally it was time to skate.

We went around the rink. I was in the middle of Addison and Alivia while Chris helped Asher, who skating for his first time. The girls and I went around ONE WHOLE time before Addison started pulling me off the rink while Alivia was still pulling me around. I broke free from Alivia as Addison tugged me off. I was wearing roller blades for the first time, let's just put that out there. As I came off the rink I fell flat on my back/head. My head luckily slammed into the carpeted area just missing the rink and my camera came around slamming into me. Oh, it was a fall. I thought for sure I was going to see blood everywhere. Huh, no blood? My head was intact?! God was clearly watching for this clumsy moment to occur.

Anyway, Addison was done. I mean, she was ALL DONE skating. One whole time around after hours/days of begging, requesting, whining, for ONE TIME?! I turned to see if Chris was watching me fall and he was talking to Asher, who was now in tears. So, this is what $35 gets you now adays? A semi concussion and tears? Gees, I can get that at home for free. :)

Chris took Addison and Asher off to the play tube area ($3 each per child btw) while I skated with Alivia. She got comfortable on her new roller blades while I tried to get my balance on the rented, stinky ones (Really, nasty!). We had fun, actually. We finally got Daddy to come and skate with us. We dragged Addison back on the rink for ONE MORE LAP before we left. That was it. 2 hours of skating. Daddy and I had many laps of just the 2 of us while Alivia rested. That was fun. I guess it brought back memories for Chris. LOL. I don't think I want to know.

Next time, Daddy and Alivia will just least for a while. It was fun for a winter break activity I guess.

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