Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trimming the Tree

The kids were so excited to trip the tree. They wanted to put it up right away on Friday after Thanksgiving and talked about doing so all week.

Friday morning came (you know, when I was out shopping) and Alivia had been up half the night with a sore throat and ear ache (something that resolved itself!) and Addison woke up early to the stomach flu.

The tree trimming would have to wait.

But not long.

The kids enjoyed placing their favorite ornaments. At one point, Asher cried out, "I want a hooker! I want a hooker!"

I about died laughing. I believe he meant he wanted a hook for his ornament but maybe I should be talking to Chris about this to be certain. ;)

It is always fun to trim the tree. It is even more fun when Chris puts the tree up and lights it while I nap. :)

* still unable to load pics. I am not liking blogger at the moment.


Kristi Campbell said...

Oh my gosh this is too funny! love it!
From Kristi at http://www.findingninee.com

Courtney F said...

Ha! This is hilarious! I love it! You are lucky that Chris does the tree and lights. I normally do it and spend December muttering how I could have done it better. :)