Friday, November 02, 2012

Nice or Creepy

Asher and I had a birthday present to buy today, so we ran to Target after taking the girls to school. On our way out the door, we ran into my friend, Bonnie. As we were chatting, an older gentleman (maybe in his 80's?) approached us telling us that the entry was no place to chat. He was kidding around, the store was pretty quiet, and nobody was around. Anyway, the man disappeared from our point of view and we continued to chat. Then he approached us again, telling me that it was nice to see a slender figure in Nebraska because everyone seems to be obese (or fat I believe he said). I responded with, "We are all working on it, right?"

Bonnie and I exchanged weird looks as the man approached the entry doors. He turned around and said, "Now you can tell everyone that you talked to a dirty old man today."

Seriously, I needed to go. So, we closed our conversation as the man realized that you can only go in the entry doors at Target (unlike Walmart where everyone goes in and out of the wrong doors all the time). So, he was walking along side of me and Asher as we left the store.

He then starts chatting it up with me about his dog in the car, and he waits for me as I help Asher zip up his coat, honestly stalling so the man would just go. Really, the man was nice enough, seemed like a clean man, but he was honestly creeping me out. He then suggested I walk with him to his car to see the dog.

Really, was he kidding me?! Where the hell is the hidden camera?

Low and behold, his black Lexus sedan was parked next to us with a beautiful sheltie dog inside. The man lets the dog out on her leash and shows Asher and I some of the dogs tricks. Beautiful, well trained dog, I have to say. As the man is talking with me, I notice his wife's (I assume)wedding band on a chain around his neck.

In this day and age, we all are so cautious to the point of being scared. Really, I could have knocked this guy out with my right hook no problem if I had to. But that is horrible that I have gotten to be afraid of what was probably a lonely, elderly man who just wanted to talk to someone. I was kind throughout (although I was quite hesitant and perhaps obviously so). In the end, I would have the man over for dinner. I mean he was a very nice man.

How awful is it that the scary, dirty old men come first in my mind versus that a man can just be nice and a maybe a little too honest?

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Courtney F said...

What a story and a good reminder to try to find the good in people. I am guessing if he wouldn't have commented on your figure, you wouldn't have been so creeped out, and would have seen him as a lonely old man. In this day and age, how can you tell who is going to kidnap you and who is reaching out for human contact? Sad and scary all at the same time.