Friday, November 02, 2012

Happy Birthday Cookie Monster!

Today is Cookie Monster's 43rd birthday! Who knew, right?! So Asher and his friend Cameron went to Doodle Cakes to celebrate the big birthday.

The party started at 10:30. Each kiddo got some markers and started to decorate their very own baker's hat. The boys had fun writing their names on their hats and coloring on balloons. Next, we heard the door open and there was COOKIE MONSTER! The kids hugged Cookie Monster and sang Happy Birthday. Next, it was time to decorate the cookie. How fun! Blue fur frosting, marshmallow eyes, frosting dots in the eyes, black frosting mouth and crumbled cookies coming out of his mouth. YUMMY!! The boys did a wonderful job decorating their very own cookie.

Once they finished, their cookie was placed in a box and tied close with a big blue balloon. Very cute.

What a fun idea. Best $5 I have spent today. :)

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Courtney F said...

How fun! WHO KNEW that he was 43!! WOW!