Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Autumn Afternoon at the Forest

I have not really felt like going anywhere, even with this nice weather. But, Monday after school the kids met some friends at a local park. It was so nice to be out at a playground, enjoying this unseasonably warm weather. Love it!

So, yesterday, I took the kids and one of Alivia's friends to the forest. It is always cooler in the forest, but the kids did not appear to notice. They RAN the boardwalk! I mean RAN! Alivia's friend was exhausted just from walking and watching them. It was good for all of them to get some exercise before playing at acorn acres awhile.

We love the forest. It is always a nice refreshing breath of fresh air to visit. Next time, I will have a shoe check prior to leaving. :)

* For some reason I am not being allowed to upload any pictures on this blog. How annoying!!

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