Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

This Halloween Alivia was a pink batgirl, Addison was the black batgirl and Asher was a storm trooper (his batman costume just did not After a day full of fun at school, the kids were completely excited to exit the house at 6pm to get started on trick or treating. We were about 15 minutes sooner than the neighbors, but it turned out to be great timing (and we needed the time!).

The kids ran to our first neighbors, who had a blow up haunted house in their driveway! What a way to begin!! Then we went to the neighbors down Crawford, turning the corner going down Overview and the circle, before hitting up South Shore and Shadow Lake drive (where Chris' parents live). So far, the kids had seen many neighbors leaving candy out in a bowl (like we have to do), many houses looking quite festive with some adults dressing up at the door, big candy bars, a $1 bill at one house (where all the neighborhood kids yelled, "You get a $1 at this house!!!"), and Chris and I BOTH got a Bud Light at one house on Shadow Lake Drive (Called Daddy Juice...but this Mommy took some this year! My first beer in probably 10 years! I needed it!). We worked our way towards Chris' parents house, the long way, stopping there for a bit, before hitting one more street with more smoke, bloody food prints leading to the door and more. Our neighbors really go all out...and it is so much fun! The kids trick or treated for 2 hours. I mean really, they only do it once a year, right?!

Addison tuckered out early, right before reaching Chris' parents (so maybe 7:15). Asher made it to Chris' parents before tiring, but he really got back into it towards the end. Asher would run out from the houses with candy. At first, however, Asher would go to the homes where they had to pick (with the bowl being left out) and come back to Chris and I at the wagon with nothing because, "They don't have anything I like!" I guess that is better than them running out with snickers yelling, "Daddy, we got a snickers for you!!" They did that, too, though. :) Alivia had the most fun, pushing us to go longer. We trick or treated until she said she wanted to go home. Next year I think she should have a friend come along with her. She was all by herself in the end with Asher trailing behind and Addison chilling out in the wagon. I'm not sure Alivia minded, though, as she seemed to have so much fun.

Back at our house, we had maybe 8 pieces of candy left to pass out. We emptied the bowl and turned off the light right after 8. Okay, it was early. But, I had bought 20 BIG candy bars and 4 bags of small with 21 in each bag. We gave out probably 120 pieces of candy. Perhaps next year I need to get more. Crazy! Our first year here we did not get any trick or treaters!! Now we are over 120 (if we assume on the honor system each kiddo took one piece of who knows really). Anyway, I need to up my game next year. Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill said they would help us out next year maybe, too. I think I convinced Grandpa Bill with the beer being handed out! :)

What a fun night! The kids ate a few pieces of candy before shower time, brushing their teeth (twice!), and getting tucked into bed around 8:45. I'm sure they were all exhausted, but Addison expressed it the loudest. Chris and I did our annual tradition of taking down all the Halloween decor, too. As we went to bed, Chris asked, joking, "Should I put up the Christmas lights tomorrow?"

Happy Halloween!! to eating some candy for breakfast!! 

Blow up at the neighbors

Clown Grandma Kathy

Tuckered out

All 3! in the wagon!

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Courtney F said...

How fun! I love the beer idea! I miss trick or treating in a neighborhood like that. I am glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the pictures