Friday, January 25, 2013

The Stuff Our Kids Say

All kids say things that make you laugh, but I want to remember the little funny things that my kids say, you know?! So, I'm blogging about them.

Addison was looking at the stars on an iPad App (It is really cool. You move your iPad to the sky and see where the stars, planets are. Pretty cool). Anyway, she moved over to the Pisces Constellation. She sounds it out saying, "Piss eees. Really?!"

Asher and I were in his room. I was cleaning up in his closet while Asher was just outside in his room playing. Meanwhile, Chris was in his office working (but obviously Asher could hear him). For whatever reason, Chris shocked himself (electrical shock that is) and swore out loud. Asher then says, "Mommy, Daddy just said a bad word."
I'm in the closet, so I did not hear Chris or Asher and responded to Asher, "What?" I meant, "What did you say, Asher?" not "What did Daddy say?". So, Asher responds, "Shit." I was like, "Um, what did you just say?!" And Asher then told me that he just said what Daddy just said. Daddy, after a 40 minute time out for swearing (LOL) had to apologize to Asher for saying a bad word and had to go to bed 20 minutes early (LOL). It was too funny. But, Daddy agreed to only use nice words, at least out loud.

I have to mark these funny moments down as Alivia is more restricted in what she says now. Boo. She is growing up too fast.

Do you have any funny stories to share? Come on, I know you have something?!

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Courtney F said...

Ha! That is awesome! I need to remember to swear out loud so I can have a 40 minute time out in my room! Love it!!!!