Monday, January 14, 2013

Half Birthdays

On Saturday, we celebrated Addison AND Alivia's half birthdays. Alivia's was in November, but Mommy forgot. So, we just celebrated for both of the girls on Addison's official 1/2 birthday.

Addison is now 6 1/2! Time flies! She is still spunky, full of energy, an early riser and early to bed kinda girl. She likes to play with puppies and buy a stuffed dog anytime she visits a store. A dog is always tucked away in her backpack at school so she can carry him or her when we walk or drive home. Addison loves having either plain special K or chocolate mini wheats for breakfast, is a huge fan of REAL bacon (no turkey bacon for Addison) and her favorite meal is chicken over pizza or anything else. Addison has not outgrown whining and does so often, too often for her age! Our little Addison is also sick ALL THE TIME. I was called today, actually, to come and get her from school after she got sick into her lunch box. Poor Addison. She is going to the doctor on Wednesday to hopefully find out what is going on with her stomach. Addi likes to play with her friend Kaitlyn and loves to talk about her friend Payton (a little boy!).

Alivia, now 8 1/2, is definitely a tween. She likes anything to do with her ipod touch, playing with her friend Elizabeth, and being social. Alivia also has a little boy in her class that is the next best thing since sliced bread. Really, at 8! This is all too early for us. But, for now, they are just friends with a boyfriend label. She likes to wear "cute" comfortable clothes, likes fruit but is otherwise an extremely picky eater, and likes to play with her lego friends. She is a polite little girl and is quite tidy (which is so nice!).

We celebrated with a cookie cake from Eileen's, and both the girls liked it better than the 1/2 cake I normally make for them.

Happy 1/2 Birthdays, Girls...

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Courtney F said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you do this! Life is meant to be celebrated and I am definitely starting a half birthday celebration this year! I love how you do it! How fun!