Monday, July 11, 2011

Ice Age at the Forest

On Friday morning, we loaded on the bug spray and headed to the Fontenelle Forest with some friends. We walked the boardwalk, stopped at Acorn Acres to play. It was muddy and buggy at Acorn Acres. The kids, 5 of them mobile. RAN the boardwalk barely stopping to look at the Ice Age exhibits. One the trail was a bear, an . armadillo type thing that the kids played on (yes, something they CAN play on), and many things to touch and read about including poop samples (what is up with that anyway? The Children's Museum has poop samples with their Ice Age exhibit, too!).

After our boardwalk walk, everyone was hot and in need of some AC. After a little snack, we went downstairs to check things out and play a little.

It was a fun morning. The kids just liked being today and eating Ms. Stacy's good popcorn. The bugs were not as bad as I anticipated, but we all got at least one bug bite even with our spray.

Until next time...
Alivia, Sydney (in Alivia's class), Elijah (who will be in Addi's class), Addison, and Asher (Evan is in his stroller).

Little feet

Saber tooth tiger

Addison, the mad scientist.

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