Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apple Country

I really wanted an iPhone. So, that became the plan. I would get an iPhone when I finally got to the store to get one.

Chris really needed his own line. When he is at work, it would be nice to call him on a cell that does not take away our small plan of minutes. Also, when we are running errands, it would be nice to call each other. He just needed a phone!

So, I went shopping. I loved the iPhone. But really, what does a SAHM need a iPhone with that data plan for? I stay home with kids. Why do I need Internet access when I am at the zoo or Children's Museum? Should that not be a luxury of, let's say, working moms or traveling moms? Where I am at, I am either away with kids where I have a cell where people can call or text me, or I am at home with WiFi on my iPad and a computer that I can check email and check the weather with. Although Chris was the deciding factor in swaying me away from the iPhone, I really just wanted the phone for its camera anyway!

In the end, we got 2 phones that were free online. Chris reports that in the reviews of these phones, they say, "This is the perfect phone for tweens." Um, I am nearly 3 times the age of a tween! But, I will ignore that comment, for now.

We did, however, buy 2 iPads, one for Chris and one for me and the kids. The kids and I love ours. I check email, surf the web and play a couple games on it (Words with Friends is pretty fun). Chris has kept his away until he gets his set up and accessorized. Our friend Gina recommended this cool case that has made me like the iPad even more. The Apple smart case I found to be junky and did not protect the back of the iPad. I love the new cases, although the price just dropped $8 overnight!! Come on already!

In all, the girls have shuffles and so do I, Chris has a touch that he will be giving to Addison for Christmas, Alivia is getting a touch for Christmas, and now we have 2 iPads. Thank goodness we have stock in Apple. The next thing is to get rid of this PC!!

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Gina and Derek said...

Ok, I have to differ with you about sahms not needing wireless/data plans. First, you need information in real time more than me because you are not at your desk all the time...second, sometimes being at the children's museum for the 5th time that week can be boring for someone over 9. I look around there and notice ALL of the moms are there with iPhones etc to pass the time, post pictures, check their friends' blogs (!), etc. So I think you should get one, and feel 0 qualms about doing so:)