Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catching Up

I just can not keep up lately. I have no motivation to do anything. It takes me so long to do anything as the one foot girl that I just do not do it. My house...a mess. The baskets everywhere. I do have a little excuse here as my dryer was broken and needed repaired. Once repaired, I am now playing catch up. My 365 project... 2 days behind and counting. And, the recent shots, well, suck. I just do not have any motivation! This blog...also behind. But, I will try and catch up. So...last week Addison had strep Again. She finished her antibiotic on Wednesday and had strep again Thursday havin to come home from school early. Poor thing! She is much better now and plans on retuning to school tomorrow with her homework completed in hand. Asher finished basketball last week at the YMCA. It was so cute to watch 3 and 4 year olds play. Now, he is going to try hockey! Alivia had a sleepover at her bff's Zoe's house on Friday. Meanwhile Chris and I nearly finished our Christmas shopping. Yeah! I hope to be done by Friday, missing the thanksgiving deadline this year because one item I want to try and get on black Friday online. Chris and I had a blast shopping. This was our second night out in 2 weeks, so we are feeling a bit spoiled. Christmas came early for Chris and I. We both our happy owners do iPads now! I am blogging from mine now! Mine is the family one, mostly containing kids apps, but at night it is all mine. At Christmas we can now enjoy what the kids are opening! My silly broken foot is feeling much better. The purple cast comes of this Tuesday with the boot coming off in a couple weeks. I can't wait! Our one and only phone bit the dust last week, having problems even staying on through a call. So, Chris and I both got phones. Yes, that is right, Chris finally has a phone. Let's just hope he keeps it on and answers it! Now people that want to talk to him and only him have no excuse, hopefully. Oh, we are going to have new neighbors, Chris' parents. They sold their home in Millard and are building a home in Shadow lake near our home, backing to the lake. They say they will not bug us, but we plan on bugging them! Only joking, at least I think anyway.

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Gina and Derek said...

You are far more productive than most of us, so your "catching up" is like my A game:) give yourself a break! The broken foot was probably just a way for someone to slow you down a bit...:)