Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 was a beautiful day and evening. The kids dressed as spiders this year - Asher as Spiderman, Alivia and Addison as Spider Girls (who knew, right?). That is what they wanted to be!

We set out shortly after 6 when it was still light and warmer out. The kids ran to the first houses, excited to see what they would get for treats. After 2 blocks, Addison was in the wagon with her candy, done. She could care less if she got any more candy. She ended up sitting in the wagon (eating as it turned out) while Asher, Alivia and I continued trick or treating. Just before we arrived at the McMullan household, Asher climbed into the wagon, too. Alivia kept on going until we walked back home.

What a fun night! The kids's favorite: The big bag of candy with the attached  $1 bill. Chris' favorite: The "daddy juice" aka Bud Light he got at the house across the street from the McMullans house (I do believe we will be returning there again...). The kids area already planning for the next Halloween!

Happy Halloween from ours to yours...

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