Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Little Broken

So, I have been running for years...and I mean years. I just recently started Zumba, which I completely love. Then, I started Insanity with Chris. Let's get one thing straight, with all of this, I have gained 10 lbs in about a year. Really. I have no clothes that will fit for winter so I am wearing yoga pants 24/7. Nice huh?


Anyway, the Insanity was kicking my butt, or my feet I should say. After week 1, I started complaining that my feet hurt. I thought it was my shoes, so I stopped wearing them during Insanity. But, I really wanted to keep up the Insanity, for anything else but to say I did it and could complete the 60 days. I kept running and kept going to Zumba (it is just too fun to miss), too, because those are my fun escapes from reality and stress relievers. Really, a stay at home mom has stress, too. I know, shocking, right?

So, I stopped running last week for many reasons, but mostly to give my left foot a break. It was becoming more and more painful to do Insanity. So I did not run or go to Zumba Thursday through Monday. So, Tuesday, it was a beautiful day and snow was in the forecast for Wednesday (which turned out to be right). I so wanted to go running. So, I did. I ran my normal course, making it probably 4 to 4 1/2 miles when...OMG...I think I am going to die!! My foot was so painful I could hardly stand it. I walked, but it felt like my bones were coming through my shoes, so I hobbled home. I fell into the house telling Chris, "I do believe I broke my foot." I was now limping. Chris, on the other hand, was pretty sure it was just a bad bruise and to just give it a couple days. Before going to bed that night, I bumped my foot sending me to the floor. Seriously, this must be one heck of a bruise...ouch!! I kinda knew it had to be more than a bruise, but I tried to listen to Chris' "It is just a bruise."

A couple days I gave it. Friday morning I woke to my swollen foot into my toes and it feeling worse than the day before. Express Care and 3 x-rays later, I found out it is broken. Now I am wearing a sexy boot waiting for my appointment on Tuesday to find out what further I need to do, if anything.

It does feel better today actually. So, the boot does help. So...we will see. Let's pray no crutches or itchy cast because I will probably freak!

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