Saturday, January 20, 2007

Please...Say Thank-you!

Okay, I am not Miss Manners or even close to her, but what happened to having manners? Is it not cool or fashionable to have them anymore or something? We have a rule at the Austin household, handed down from my Mom I think - you cannot wear it, play with it, or spend it until you have written a THANK-YOU note, unless the use of the item is a part of the note - in a picture or something. (Personally, I would accept a verbal receipt of the gift along with a verbal thank-you at this point).  Why am I so strict? I want the people that give us gifts to know that we appreciate their kindness and generosity and to express our gratitude. What really bothers me is when we send a gift and never hear from the people we sent it to. Did they receive it and just not get around to acknowledging the receipt, or did they think the gift was so bad that they did not know what to say to us? What is it? All I can do is guess.

 Please...Say THANK-YOU! my soapbox, at least for now...


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