Thursday, January 25, 2007

Alivia is 32!

New Year's morning surprise
Snow Bunny

32 weeks old that is. Chris tells me to just say she is 2 1/2...but she is more than that technically. Our little girl is growing up too fast. She is now outgrowing her 2T clothes, clothes that just a couple months ago had to be rolled up and pinned up! It is just so sad to see her grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday that she was Addison's age and size.

Alivia is back to WORKING on potty training at night. She reverted for whatever reason, so we went back to putting on a pull-up for a couple weeks so we can sleep. Also, I could not keep up with the laundry! We are hoping to go back to no pull-up this weekend. She is finally getting better with her colors now and recognizing some of the ABCs. In her free time (all her time is free though) she likes to eat snacks, ride her scooter, play on her slide and in her tunnel system, cook at her kitchen set, play with her babies, and eat snacks (oh, did I say that already? :) ). She is a great cuddler and loves to gives hugs. She also looks forward to reading books at nights...always talking us into more books. She is a good sleeper on most nights now, too, which is nice. She loves her gymnastics class, too, already balancing on the beam and almost doing a sommersault. This morning she slept in a bit. While I was in the shower she woke up and went downstairs to get herself breakfast. The boxes of cereal were not opened, so she stood on a box of cereal to reach the baked Cheetos! Yes, that is what she had before breakfast this morning. The last time she tried to make herself breakfast was on New Years Day morning. She got out the Cheerios, got a bowl (dirty one) from the dishwasher, put the cereal in the bowl, got the milk out of the fridge, and poured the entire carton of milk on her cereal. She then tried to clean it up with a towel. When Chris arrived on the scene, she was sitting in her chair eating her cereal without a care in the world. She was hungry!

Happy 32 months Alivia. We Love You!

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