Saturday, June 25, 2011


The girls have been getting to know some Amphibians. First it came in the form of a frog found in the mulch around our house. Alivia and Addison played with him until he had 2 broken legs! No kidding! They carried him around like he was just another member of the family, begging to bring him in the house and even in the car! (I said no to both by the way). The girls would walk around the yard watching the frog eat bugs. After 2 days, Daddy finally convinced the girls that the frog would be happier at the lake.

Today we visited Grandma and Grandpa at the farm where they found 2 frogs and a baby frog. They played with them all day, putting them in cars, toys, carrying them around the yard, putting them in a toy airplane and taking them for a flight, and we even saw Addison kiss one! Yuck!

For now, the frogs are in the garage. Tomorrow will be another day, another day of play.

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