Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Family of 6!

That's right...we are now a family of 6!

Chris and I, Alivia, Addison, Asher and now...??
What shall we name her? Her given name so far is Glinda after the good witch of the Wizard of Oz, but we can give her a new name before we register her. Decisions, decisions.

We found this cute little 9 month old Papillon in Ceresco, NE at a Papillon breeder. She has been somewhat trained, but will need more work. I hope to take training classes with her and one of the girls.

We had selected 2 dogs. Addison and I liked one, Alivia and Chris liked another, and Asher did not care. In the end, Addison caved. She told Alivia today she just wanted a dog so she picked Glinda since nobody would change their mind, but she really wanted the other one! How sweet is that?!

No matter what, Glinda is adorable and sweet. She cuddled in our bed all night, ran errands with us this morning (we went to Petco to buy her some supplies!), and now she is napping. The kids all want to hold her. Asher does not really care one way or another. He says she is cute and then goes off to do his own thing.

Who knew I would finally cave in and get a dog? I did not want the more work, but Addison really wanted a puppy. In the end, Addison changed my mind. Ruin the grass? Who cares? It is just grass? Walk the dog? Oh,  it is good for us (although I am not sure about the winter). So far, I am really enjoying her and the love she gives.

The black/white one Addi and I liked.

2 week old Papillons!

Riding Home.

Sitting pretty

Fast Asleep.

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