Sunday, November 29, 2009

Asher Wade turns 2!

Today is Asher's 2nd birthday! It is so hard to believe that our baby is 2! Where did the time go?

Asher has changed a lot just in the last few weeks. He is talking in sentences and loves to mimic what his sisters are saying, such as, "You are mean, " What are you doing?" His favorite word remains "No" and we seldom hear him say "yes." He has been ready to potty train for months, sometimes even liking to sit on the potty. But, Mommy has been too busy and stressed to take that on! Then, when I had a moment, he was not not feeling well, so we had to wait. He does not like wearing a wet or dirty diaper and will generally tell me when he needs to be changed by laying down anywhere and saying, "Poopy!" Someday soon I will feel like taking that on again...maybe. It will be strange to not have any kiddos in diapers!

Asher loves to "snack," which is another one of his favorite words. He used to say "snack" for food or drink. He just started, within the last 2 weeks or so, drinking milk after refusing it for nearly a year. He still prefers dry cereal. When it comes to food, he either likes it or hates it by spitting it out (and that can be minutes later, in a different room, on the carpet). His favorite foods are cocoa puffs (his name for every cereal. He asks for cocoa puffs as soon as he wakes in the morning), special K cereal and crackers. He will occasionally eat broccoli or a cheeseburger, but he is quite picky for such a big boy. He is short and solid, still wearing some 12-18m clothes, but mostly size 18m (his 24m and 2T's will probably be worn NEXT winter. Poor thing is going to be short).

Asher is showing signs of his age by showing his voice and making himself quite heavy when he does not want to move. Seriously, he arches his back and weighs 900 lbs like magic! I have this super power strength that allows me to still pick him up though! Asher is a quite LOUD boy, too, and does not know the meaning of an inside voice yet.

Asher's favorites: Going to parks, playing at the play spaces at Malls (although are a germ feast!), dinosaurs (he misses Dinoquest), the animals at the zoo, balls, playing with his sisters, and apple juice.

Asher's Dislikes: Baths (especially getting water on his head!), going down to nap (but he does get 2-3 hours of sleep once he gets there), being awoke from nap, messes.

Even though we just moved and our home is a total mess, we could not miss Asher's birthday! So, today we are celebrating with a littly party with his Grandparents and a dinosaur cake! It is so cool! He is getting a little dinosaur, a ninja motorcycle toy like Daddy's real toy, and a basketball hoop set for his birthday. He will be so excited for each new thing, and we look forward to seeing his reaction.

Happy 2nd Birthday Asher Wade!!


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