Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Changing View

I have not done one of these in a while, an update on the view around our home. Gees, it is a messy one at the moment. Oh, and I can't forget to say LOUD! Come on, I thought there were 4 seasons, winter, spring, construction, and fall. Construction is in the summer...not all winter!!

Okay, I guess I missed that memo. is our view today. Much different than the empty space that surrounded our home 2 years ago.

Down the driveway...Can no longer see Alivia walk to Zoe's House (Zoe's house is behind this HUGE pile of dirt/mud).
Our front to the corner. Newer home on the corner, too, with new neighbors who moved in during the month of October.

Out front, more dirt. Dirt, mud, trucks, noise, EVERYWHERE!

Looking through the side kitchen windows looking to the garage side of the house.
Same direction, more dirt.

Out the kitchen window to the back of the house.

Looking to the backyard

Out the patio door. As always, a cement truck in waiting. Ponderosa is not passable during the day typically.

Oh, look there, another cement truck, being cleaned at the end of our driveway. Nice.

By the time we move, there will be houses all around us. That may be true if we move this summer even!

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