Tuesday, February 21, 2012

365 Project Update

You know, Chris and I are sort of doing the 365 project (really, the 366 project due to leap year) together in 2012. What a challenge that has turned out to be! Chris is too busy updating his resume and portfolio to take pictures! And I, well, I have no motivation.

So far, I have been taking most of the pictures. I have lost interest really. It is more of something I have to do every day. I now find it annoying. Last year it was fun. Now, it is getting old. But, I am plugging along. Chris is helping with the editing. So, it is still a team effort. This will definitely be my last year, if I complete it.

Here are some of my favorites...

POPULAR PAGE image of Chris and I...team effort!

Shadow Lake sunset

Another 365 POPULAR PAGE winnter...idea from pinterest

Loved the flare in the eye, Chris' Editing at work.

Another great editing job by Chris

Me and You make We...this was really a difficult idea to execute.

Love the blue sky as Asher swings high.

This was taken at Walnut Creek.

Winter Scene

2012 Valentine: Again, really difficult to execute.

Taken yesterday, sleepy little guy. So sweet as he took one look at me before going to sleep.

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