Monday, February 13, 2012

A Lunch Encounter

Last Thursday morning, Asher I and I busied ourselves away from the house. We went to Zumba then went to Shadow Lake's kids club, before making our way home for lunch. I opened the pantry to a little disgusting surprise.

Mouse turds.

You see, on Tuesday, Asher and I went to Costco and I filled the pantry some more. I made cookies that night, using the mixer tucked away in the pantry.

The mouse turds were behind that very mixer, even one on the actual beater! Yuck! Yes, the beater has been sanitized. Although I really wanted to throw it out and go buy a new one. But, that would not be very "green" of me or necessary (maybe).

So, I threw lunch together (out of the fridge), then took EVERYTHING out of the pantry. 

Hours passed as Asher and I had a play date/ party planning date in the afternoon to prepare for Addison's Valentine's party at school. Addison and Asher stayed behind to play while I went out to purchase clear plastic bins.

Once back at home, I tossed all of the food that was opened. Lucky for me, I was already in a habit of having cereal in containers and snacks in tupperware. Everything now goes in these clear bins. I am a few short, but that is for another shopping trip.

As for the mouse, I mean mice, not a single one in one of our many traps. COME ON!! This is so irritating! I want my cheap house that we had before moving, you know, the one that did not have mice (and we backed to a field for the majority of the time we lived there!). This is getting quite old. I better watch what I wish for as it may be coming true.

Chris did some repairs in the garage that may have fixed the problem...who knows. From now on, the mice will have nothing to eat in the house. So, that is something.

At least we hope...


2 little monkeys said...

How irritating. Hope that helps!!! Wanna come do mine?

The Austin Life said...

I wish we have caught a mouse! At least we ellinated the food source. :)