Sunday, February 19, 2012

On the Table

With all that is going on in our household right now, I did not think anything would surprise me.

But I was wrong.

It is no secret that a couple years ago I was yearning for baby #4. Just so you know, 3 is not a good number of kiddos to have as one is always left out. In our family, the one left out is usually Addison. Addison and I share a close bond because she is so much like me. I also feel sad for her since she is left out so often. Anyway, I brought it to Chris' attention that I was ready for baby #4 after moving to Papillion 2 years ago, and Chris did not feel we had room in our home, wallets and hearts for a 4th baby. So, it was decided...we are a happy family of 5.

Until recently.

Chris dropped a big bomb on me, asking what I thought about having another baby?! What?! Um, no. Too late. We are older, the kids are older, too big of a spread between the kids, we would be older parents now (even older parents than we are now), etc, etc. Really?! What changed?!

Who knows what changed for Chris. But, it is now on the table. Really? Job insecurity, a possibly move, and he wants to throw adding a baby to the mix of Austin fun?

Perhaps if we were younger, wiser, richer, it would be a definite possibility. For now, this suggestion is just that, a suggestion. I am quite happy (and do I say blessed) with our 3 kiddos and our family of 5.

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