Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scotch Tasting

Last night, Chris took my Dad on a date (or did my Dad take Chris?).

Okay, those are Chris' words actually, as a joke.

Chris and my Dad went to a Scotch tasting in Omaha. My Dad and his bad influence (ha ha) have gotten Chris to drink a little scotch, with my Dad only. It sounds like they downed a few old ones (really, is this like old, moldy cheese?!) that burned as they go down (like gasoline?). Chris says he remembers talking to everyone at his table.  Chris, talking?! Wow, that is quite some scotch! I guess they had fun, and that is all that is important. Nice, male bonding or something.

Oh, and Chris got a sandwich on the way home, but he can not remember eating it. Hope he did not do anything else he can not remember. :)

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