Sunday, February 19, 2012

Too Much Insanity

Chris and I are well into the Insanity work out for the second time. Gees, we did not remember how difficult the second half was! 1 hour of vigorous cardio, jumping, and more is so much work!

This time, my right foot is bothering me (remember, the first Insanity I broke my LEFT foot). It is not broken, but bruised good at least. I am plugging along at the Insanity anyway, hoping for the best, to finish. Chris has a little injury now, too, but he is a tough guy about it. So, he does not complain.

Chris and I have been throwing in a nice run here and there, too. I do feel a difference. I do have a more well defined core and muscles in my legs that I have not seen before. My butt must be more toned as it is so sore most of the time that I can hardly sit on it! :) And, I can do 16 push ups IN A ROW! Okay, for a 5'4", 100lb girl, doing A push up is impressive. I have no upper body strength, but it is improving.

Chris has toned up a bit, too. We are both seeing the difference this time, where the first time of Insanity we just felt it.

So, Insanity and all those suicide jumps, moving push ups, jumps, in and out abs, basketball jumps, power squats, mountain climbers, butt kicks, switch kicks (oh I hate these!), power lunges, full body drills, etc, etc, ...they may just work. Not sure they work well enough to do a third time, but we will see.

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