Saturday, February 04, 2012

January 2012 In Review

Crazy, but I may just be sad to see this past January be over. The weather was beautiful, in the 60's many days. Loved it! We tried to be outside as much as possible to absorb it while we could. We went to the zoo and forest, walking outside! We actually wore shorts outside more than one day this month.  January also brought new neighbors...Chris' parents. The kids have liked the idea that they can walk to their house.
We ended the month with not so good news...but we are hopeful for brighter months ahead.
In January, Alivia had her First Reconciliation and completed her 2nd book report, presenting first. Addison celebrated her half birthday, now 5 1/2, and started an Art Class at Arts for All with her friend Kate. Asher has just kept busy keeping busy. He likes to have many playdates and go on treat dates to Orange Leaf. Mmmm! Chris and I are now doing the 365 together! Chris is busy with his portfolio while I have kept busy working extra. Grrr. We are also onto Insanity take 2.
Now...onto snowy February and the extra day of Leap Year. Off to make the most of that extra day! :)

January 2012 Pictures

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