Tuesday, January 31, 2012

69 Degrees In January!

Yesterday was 69 Degrees, which is simply unheard of for January 30 in Nebraska, until Nebraska. Actually, Chris' car read into the 70s!

Asher and I went outside right after lunch, riding bikes, playing on the plasma cars, and playing in the back yard on the playset. He even invited his friend Cameron over to play. They were wild, like they were caged animals finally getting out of their cages to play.

We loaded up and went to Walnut Creek to play at the playground for a bit. The boys took their toy guns (I know, I know, but it was all in good fun and they were never inappropriate) and ran around the playground equipment. We arrived home around 3, just in time for the girls to walk home with Cameron's parents.

Chris and I took turns going on a run while the kids soaked up the sun. Cameron went with his parents while his sister Zoe stayed behind to play. The road the jeep, roller skating, played with chalk, and anything else they have wanted to play with but did not want to when it was cooler out. Really, we could not ask for a better winter.

For dinner, we celebrated Alivia's book report success (and that she went first) with a promised treat to Freddy's. I believe this was topper of a beautiful January day!

We have survived January. I do fear February and March, however. But, it is one less month that we have to endure winter.

I look for the good news wherever I can.

Asher and his friend Cameron (Cam is shooting me!).

Hanging around Addison (in short and no shoes in January! Love it!)

Ring around the rosie

I find this scary...

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