Monday, January 30, 2012

8th Catholic Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow Chris and I will be married 8 years, at least in the eyes of the Catholic Church (12 1/2 in the eyes of the law). So, Chris recruited his Mom to come and watch the kids for a couple hours so we could go to dinner.

By dinner, we do not mean anything fancy. On the heals of Chris' news, we did not want to go anywhere remotely fancy. Actually, I was not even sure if I was up for eating (Drinking sounded better! And, I have not done much of that since college! Scary, I know). We ended up at Panera where we thought we could sit in a quiet spot and talk. Low and behold, a large group plopped down next to us with their little baby. Yes, we moved. I wanted QUIET!

It was not the date night we had envisioned, but at least we were able to talk a bit uninterrupted. Two hours later, we were at home in time to put two of three kids to bed. Hopefully, sometime soon, we can take a real date, spending real money, and have some real drinks (diet Pepsi does not count).

8 years, 3 babies, living in 2 homes...we have done quite well for ourselves. Who knows what the next few years bring, but it looks not to be boring to say the least.

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