Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tag Teaming

Chris and I have been tag teaming this week. Being the only PRN nurse that does not have another job, I have been called into action this week. First, last weekend, the ONLY nurse staffed was out due to heart problems, so I worked. Again, same nurse, worked for her Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Yes, this meant that I was awake all day, all night, all day, all night. Okay, I did "nap" in the afternoon, forcing the normally non napping Asher to take a nap. He was such a trooper though! I could not have a better behaved little boy. But, come on, me sleepy! Today, after working last night, I went to Zumba just to wake myself up. Then, Asher and I baked cookies and ate lunch before taking a little nap. Now, I am off tonight before going back to work Friday and Saturday, off Sunday and Monday, working Tuesday and Wednesday (for another nurse out with health problems). So, as far as the universe is concerned, I am off the radar for a long while now.

So, Chris and I are tag teaming. We literally do a high five in the AM and he is off to work. He comes home and I drag my lifeless body up to try and sleep before going back to work.

I will never do this as a job when the kids return to school. Never. This is not fun. I am sick. I am tired. But, I will sure enjoy the new shoes I get after I am done next week!

I just have to keep thinking, "Mama gets new shoes, Mama gets new shoes!"

Why do I keep saying yes?!

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