Monday, January 30, 2012

Bad News Friday

Friday seemed like any other day. We got up, did our thing, Daddy came home from work, we went to Family Zumba followed by the traditional pizza for dinner.

But, it was not a typical day. Chris had a sudden urgent meeting at work. He and his buddies wondered if it was one of those meetings. You know, like the one he had January 2 years ago, just a month after we moved closer to his work. In that meeting, they told Chris he had 3 months to work and then find a new job or 6 months to work at base, then find a new job. Luckily, he had ties with someone within the company who hired him (and saved us!).

Well, it unfortunately was one of those meetings. He has a few months, then they just don't know. He is being moved to a different division within the company (along with others in his division all under the same boss) under a contract that ends in June. When that contract is up, they just don't know what will happen, what will open up, or what will not open up. Really, we are looking at this as he has until June or he is unemployed, more than likely.

This is different than the last time. Chris walked over to talk to the guys where he worked before his last switch 2 years ago. He found all 40 some employees gone! Where did they all go?! He is guessing some to base, some perhaps relocated, some let go. There was only one guy that he was aware of let go in his current division. It just does not look good. Besides, they do not treat employees very well...and we are tired of it! Chris is the breadwinner, and we really can not live on my PRN nursing status where I only work when needed (and when I feel like skipping a night of sleep). My job is either feast of famine.

So, everything is on hold. I picked up shifts at work (meaning no more sleep) so we can build more savings in the event of Chris losing his job. The housing market is not good here, where we have watched our friends house in our neighborhood just sit on the market. We do not have some grand movie room, a 5th bedroom, or a wet bar (we rarely what would we do with it?!), all things that people are looking for in their home around here, it appears. So, our house may sit on the market for a while if it comes to that. Meaning, we better be prepared. Chris' dreams of getting a new car for his birthday (along with his kayak) are on hold, while our vacation plans to Disney next winter seem to be stuck at just that, plans. We have heard about how bad the economy is, but now we are seeing it first hand. President Obama has cut Chris' field and the department of defense down to nothing. So, Chris will definitely be getting out of the government contract work. Chris has had 3 jobs (within his company) just since Obama took office. Let's just say I am not sporting an "I love President Obama" t-shirt.

So we are entering 2012 foreseeing a big year of change. Chris will for sure be getting a new job, his first he starts on Wednesday within his company. His next...??? We just hope he finds one locally and saves us a move. But, with that said, he has no choice but to apply everywhere in the next few months, and he will take the best offer in the best location, Papillion or not. Moving is definitely not our first option. But, we have to be realistic. Chris works in a big company with many employees who will be out looking for similar jobs to Chris.I am not sure our area has THAT many openings, many of which are probably being filled by ones cut before Chris.

So, let's go job hunting. Fun. I will be looking for a full time job as June approaches if nothing else has turned up. I do not want to have a full time job if Chris finds one as I do not know where Chris' job will be located, and we need someone to care for the kiddos. So many unanswered questions.

In the mean time, I am Chris' headhunter. I don't know what he does exactly, but I kinda have an idea of what he wants to do in his next job. So, let's see what I can come up with and where and when. Now all we need is some good luck.

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