Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Lost Tooth

Alivia has had a loose for probably 6 weeks or more. She rarely wriggles it, like most kids do, and really hates to see the teeth go. It is weird, right?

Well, it was hanging on by a thread Monday evening when she brushed her teeth. I encouraged her to pull it out, and she quickly whined that it would hurt. She insisted on leaving it alone.

Bedtime came and her tooth still hung on. Within a half hour, however, Alivia came downstairs with her tooth in hand. As it turns out, she sneezed and the tooth could not hold on. How funny! Alivia has now lost 4 teeth! The tooth fairy was very ill prepared, and gave her a $2 bill for this tooth. Alivia had not seen a $2 bill and thought that was pretty neat. Whew!

Here is Alivia minus one more tooth...

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