Monday, January 16, 2012

My Soapbox...again

My name is Krista Austin.

It is not Krista aka, Bored; Krista, Childcare provider; Krista, Walk on me; or Krista, Drama Lover.

It is Krista.


If you read my "Just Sitting Here" blog, you kind of know where I am coming from.

This morning after the kids and I got back from a morning outing (the kids are off school today for MLK), I opened an email from the Mommy that wanted me to watch her son. Huh, I thought I had made it clear to her that I was no longer going to watch him. However, in her email, she said that she did not need me for January (on the original schedule she wanted me to watch him this Wednesday and a few other days yet in January) but did need some days filled for her in February. Again, just assuming I was sitting here doing nothing but waiting to watch her son, whom I have yet to meet.

I responded stating that I understood I would not be watching him at all. I said that I guess I do have somewhat of a schedule I like to follow and do not like being emailed the night before to cancel (I HATE email and texting for important things and how would she have liked it if I emailed to cancel watching him the night before! That would be evil, right?!) and this just was not going to work out for us. I am not quoting my email, but that pretty much sums up what I said, but I was polite about it. At least I thought so. I signed my email kindly...Kind Regards.

She responded in bold, stating she did not like my tone and especially did not like my Kind Regards. What?! I typically sign my emails with Kind Regards. "Kind regards" is a polite way of ending an email. When you give your regards it means you are thinking of them. Kind regards means you are thinking good thoughts. What is wrong with that??!! COME ON!! What she was really mad about it that she realized (I would hope) that she was not considerate and that now she lost childcare all together. Then, she get all angry with the bold font and all. Did I mention that I despise emails for important things? Tone does not get misunderstood, typically, in actual conversation. My emails did not have a tone. After all, I am not stressed that she no longer has care for her son. That is for her to figure out. I was trying to be nice and considerate in the first place by agreeing to help out an acquaintance (at that!), and I got dumped on. So, I'm done. I have no room in my life for inconsiderate, dumping or drama. Remember, I give up family that do that, so I will definitely let go of someone I hardly know.

In my final email, I asked that she kindly (knowing she does not like the word kind) call me if she would like to discuss further. Funny, she says she does not have time for this.

Let's see, I believe that is what I said in my initial email to her last week when I said I would not watch her son...I do not have time for this.

My name is Krista. Period.

And, from now on, I will listen to my amazing husband's advise, say no, and "Unbelievable, this is why you don’t get involved with strange people." Gotta love him!

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