Sunday, January 22, 2012

Young at Heart

Funny, until a couple years ago, I never really thought I was old. I did not even think about it. Maybe it was because I was too busy with little kids to even worry about it.

Now, I feel old, and it sucks.

I no longer share my age, although most people already know that I am older than they are. Actually, I only have one friend that is my age and one friend that is older than me and the rest of my friends are younger. Those facts make me feel even older. I can not find anyone my age to relate to this aging thing with.

I mean, gray hair. Yes, I have a lot of gray hair. But, this started in my 20s. I can blame my genetics for that a bit, although my Mom blames my teens. Who knows, I have it. It is costly to cover up in the salon, so I color with box colors mostly for lower maintenance.

Wrinkles, I have a few. I try not to look in the mirror anymore. Lucky for me, the mirrors in our house are awful, so I can not see myself anyway. I really noticed my self loathing when I took selfies on the 365 project. Gees, I looked bad. I looked worse with lack of sleep, which seems to be happening more and more. Gees, aging sucks. I guess that is why there is make up.

The only thing I have control over is staying in shape. That is why Chris and I beat our bodies working out. We want to look good naked for one (ha ha), and working out keeps us young. We also have 3 kids to chase after, so we can not afford to be couch potatoes!

So, you can call me old all you want, but I am young at heart. I may not look like I am 18, but I feel like I am. And, who knows, I can probably even run faster than I did at 18!

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