Monday, February 13, 2012

Children's Museum: Take Construction

On Friday we met some friends at the Children's Museum to check out their latest display, the construction zone. Come to find out, everyone had the same idea. We even saw Grandma Kathy there with Asher's cousins!

We arrived shortly after 10 to a bus pulling up front. Really? I guess that was not the first of last bus to arrive on Friday. Sigh.

Anyway, we started on the main level, but the boys wanted to check out the Construction Zone upstairs. The construction zone is fun and dusty. It is different from the previous construction zone they had a year or two ago. Asher liked playing in the sand (which turns out to be very dusty rocks) and going through the tunnels. There are bulldozers to ride on and sit on, a big play semi, foam to build something out of, etc. The room is full.

Asher and Xander went over to the Richman Gordman Animals to find Grandma Kathy again, with tickets to ride the carousel. The boys had a lot of fun riding that (Thanks to Grandma Kathy!). That was quite an unexpected treat.

We played downstairs a bit before making our way in to have our indoor picnic lunch.

The boys had fun together in spite of the indoor madness. I still say Tuesday member's hour is the best time to go. Next time, our visit will be on Tuesday at 9!

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