Monday, December 03, 2018

Happy 11th Birthday, Asher!

Last Thursday, Asher turned 11 years old! It's hard to believe we had our last baby that long ago. Kinda sad. The kids are all growing up. I guess that is what they are supposed to do, but still.

We had the Grandparents come for dinner for Lansky's Pizza, salad, cupcakes and DQ icecream. Asher opened his presents of Under Armour clothes, legos that will be turned into cars, and much needed soccer gear. From us, Asher will get a bike in the spring. For now, he got clothes and new shoes. Boys do not take very good care of shoes, at least this boy doesn't.

Asher is a very kind boy. He is always thinking of others, at least when he is around us. He is usually the first to give us a hug good morning and good night saying, "I love you." He is just a very sweet boy. He used to be very clean and organized, but that has changed. He does not like to clean his room and his room generally reflects that. It is not as bad as Addison's room, however.:) When Asher gets home from school, he does his homework while maybe eating a snack, then runs off to play soccer. If it is nice, you will find him outside kicking. If the weather is snowy and cold like it is now, he will run to the basement to play where he has 2 nets and an indoor ball set up. His friends Michael, Peyton or even Miles (who does not play soccer) come over and play along. They are loud, but at least they are being VERY active! Someday we will have a basement with a movie theater and a wet bar, but for is a soccer playing field. :) We are okay with that.

On Friday night, Asher invited 5 boys, Miles, Michael, Peyton and his cousins Henry and Ben over for a sleepover party. We played a present game which they all loved. Then they watched the movie Alpha, before playing more soccer. Chris set up the tent in the basement for the boys with sleeping bags. I do not believe they slept much. Asher and his friend appeared to have fun. Asher was so nice to thank us for letting him have sleepover.

Now, for Asher's birthday questions at 11 years old.

Birthday Questions
1. Favorite  color:  Blue
2. Favorite Toy:   Legos
3. Favorite Fruit:  orange
5. Favorite thing to eat for lunch:  Which wich (which is what I brought him for his birthday lunch at school.).
6. Favorite Outfit:   Italy soccer shirt
7. Favorite Game:   clue
8. Favorite Snack:  Pirate Booty (or Nut thins which he asked for and received for his birthday!).
9. Favorite Animal:   Dog
10. Favorite song:  Castle on the Hill, Ed Sheeran
11. Favorite Book:  Go for the Goal
12. Best Friend:  Michael
13. Favorite Cereal:  Cocoa Krispies
14. Favorite thing to do outside:  soccer
15. Favorite drink:   Lemonade (or Sparkling Ice which he asked for and received for his birthday)
16. Favorite Holiday:    Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Pillow and blanket
18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?   Daddy's home cooked eggs and bacon
19. What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner?  Pizza
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?  a contractor

Happy Birthday, Asher Wade!

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