Sunday, August 05, 2018

Happy 12th Birthday Addison!

Oh Lord, I have not been good about Blogging. If I ever get around to making a 2018 photo book, I am not going to know what to say!
Anyway, In July, among ONE friend, Addison turned 12. You see, in June she invited 2 (other) friends to her birthday party. Neither came or could come sadly. Addison was crushed. Luckily her BFF from Texas FLEW to Omaha to spend 2 weeks with us at the Lake. Sidney basically swam through shark invested waters so Addison could have a Happy Birthday! What a friend.
At the Lake, we skied, swam, tubed, went on a boat ride, went to Grandma's Candy at the Lake, and ate all of Addison's favorite foods (steak, mashed potatoes, corn, and chocolate cake). Addison did not believe we were paying much attention to her on her birthday saying we were treating it like just another day. Humm...I thought it was pretty damn special!. :) I will have to try harder next year I guess.

Addison, as usual, answered her annual birthday questions.

Addison's 12th Birthday Questions:
1. Favorite Color: purple
2. Toy:Trampoline
3: fruit: Raspberries
4. TV show: Anne with an E ???
5. Thing to eat for lunch: Spaghetti
6. Outfit:  Purple Nike outfit I got for my birthday
7. game: Old Maid (we were at the lake lol)
8. snack: cheesy pretzels
9. animal: Dog
10. song: My Wish
11. book:  The Underneath
12 best friend: Sidney 
13. cereal: Chocolate Cheerios (but as I type this, she won't eat these anymore).
14. favorite thing to do outside:  Swing and jump on the trampoline
15. drink: Lemonade
16. Holiday: Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night: Stuffed animals
18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Pancakes and bacon
19. Birthday dinner: Steak and mashed potatoes with either chocolate or red velvet cake (we had one of each at her 2 parties0.
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A farmer! She needs to work on this one!

Hard to believe Addison will be going to the Jr. High in less than 10 days! She wants to go out for cross country. For a non runner, this should be interesting. We shall see. Addison is the creative one in the family, always taking up knew art projects

Happy Birthday Addison! We love you!

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