Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Happy 2018!

Happy 2018!!

Christmas was like a blur! We celebrated Christmas with Chris' parents the Saturday before Christmas. Christmas Eve we just hung out at home. NEXT YEAR we are going to Mass Christmas Eve. We don't do anything on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is very busy. I just do not like the crowds with Christmas Eve Mass. We shall see I guess.

Christmas morning we got up and went to 7:30 Mass. Yuck. It was too early for me. Yuck. Did I say yuck. Then we came home and opened presents. Alivia's big gift this year was a Garmin 230 running watch. Addison's big gift was Coco, the dog we adopted from Dolly's rescue in Lincoln. Believe me, this is a gift that will keep giving for years!! Asher's big gift came in the form of a gift between my parents and us, a Razor Motorcycle. He will probably outgrow this soon, but he loves it for now! I sold my kidney and got Chris an iPhone 8 plus.

So on the motorcycle. I luckily ordered it early. I had it send to my parents because I was unsure how I would hide it. It arrived and it was pink. Seriously, Walmart sent a pink one!! I then had it shipped to the store. I met my Dad in Iowa, picked up the pink one and exchanged them. I was very mad. Walmart could care less.

Next, the iPhone 8 plus. It gets worse. I video Chris' reaction to the phone. It was not the reaction I was going for. First of all, the phone is $845 with tax, so it is not a small ticket item. I got it because Chris can not longer see his old iPhone. (I don't care and will stick with my old iPhone. And, I am super cheap and don't want to spend any more money on a phone!). Anyhoo...Chris opened the phone to find a silver iPhone 8, not the plus and not in the grey I ordered. SERIOUSLY WALMART!! Of course, the 8 is $100 cheaper than the Plus. Of course. Chris goes to get a refund and they give him a stupid gift card. So, we have to buy from Walmart AGAIN. 2 days later, he gets another silver iPhone 8. How stupid can Walmart be? And, how are they exactly staying in business?!?! Chris goes to the store, they insist the gift card is the only way to go but to call 1-800- WALMART and ask. He does so, they say take it up with the store. He goes back to the store and talks to the manager. He says he puts it back on our card. It has been nearly a week...and still no $845 refund. I am beginning to think they just took my $845!!! Now I am super mad!! No phone, no $845. Chris said it can take up to 2 weeks. Seriously, they have had my money since December 12. I do believe that is long enough.

I have learned. I will not shopped at Walmart EVER AGAIN!

But, we did have a Merry Christmas. :)

For New Years Eve, the kids invited friends, we played games, watched a movie and did the saran wrap ball game. It was fun. We got to use Asher's new popcorn popper too. Mmmm.

Happy New Year!! Now...probably should make some new year's goals.

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