Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fallin' Into the Forest

After our morning of making pottery, we set off for a picnic at the forest with our friends Will and Krissa. Asher was excited to get outside, run, make noise and to meet up with his friend. It was a beautiful afternoon with temps near 80. We will soon forget nice weather like that, right?

The trees had started to change filling the Fontenelle Forest with beautiful colors. The smell of fall was in the air. The boys started with a picnic, followed by playing a long time at Acorn Acres, and we then had a little walk on the boardwalk. Before we knew it, we had to leave to get back to pick up the girls from school.

What a beautiful way to spend a fall afternoon. Let's do that again!

Going to the forest?
* Wear comfortable shoes
* Dress in layers. It is always cooler under the trees of the forest, but all the walking warms you up.
* Bring your camera to capture nature
* Bring snacks, drinks
* Pick up a trail map!
* Have Fun!

1 comment:

Courtney F said...

Yet another place we need to explore. That looks like fun! I hope you an Asher are really enjoying this year.