Sunday, October 21, 2012

UNO Hockey Game

On Friday night we took the kids to a UNO Maverick Hockey Game at the CenturyLink Center.

Addison and Asher had gone to a hockey game with Chris in the past, but Alivia had never gone (or wanted to go). Chris won 5 tickets from work along with a garage parking pass, which was really nice! With that said, I am not sure where Chris' work got these tickets as they were front row seats IN FRONT OF THE STUDENT SECTION! The seats were quite loud as the puck hit the glass and wall in front of us during practice. It sounded almost like gun fire! Crazy! It felt like we were sitting on the ice. Then, the match started. I thought the view was good, but Chris was not impressed. The crowd behind us was NUTS! The language used was completely inappropriate for children (or anyone for that matter) and unnecessary. They were yelling at the goalie, swearing at the other team, talking about what to do with the mascot (wildcats), etc. It was bad. We had a great view of Northern Michigan's goalie who just happened to be 6'4". He was huge with his equipment on! It was funny to see Asher get into it, though, clapping and cheering with the goals. We lasted one period before Chris decided it was a good time for cotton candy and new seats.

We grabbed some seats up higher but still with a good view (really, it appeared as all the seats had a great view). The kids enjoyed their sugary cotton candy without the loud and unnecessary language. Alivia even thanked Chris for moving us. :) UNO won the match 5-2.

Overall, we had fun and would recommend the going to a hockey game, just stay away from the student section. Day one down...3 more days of fun to come.

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Courtney F said...

I seriously don't get why people need to use that language. Sounds like fun anyway!