Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Wedding Ring

I have wore my ring nearly every day until last year, 12 years into our marriage. The diamond on my ring nearly fell off. Seriously. I took my ring to Borsheims, where Chris purchased it, for repair. $300 later my ring looked like new.

But, it wasn't, clearly.

Fast forward 12 months. My ring, which I had worn every day since getting it back last year, was so badly bent up that I could no longer wear it. Really, I looked like I was wearing a ring from the dollar store. When I took it into Borsheims to see what could be done, it could be repaired for another $100 plus dollars. So, I asked, what is the deal with this ring? For as much as Chris paid for it, it does not seem to be worth anything and is not holding up. I asked, is the gold, platinum weak (Shoot, is it gold and platinum???). It needs to be repaired more often than anything I own. The customer service lady gave me these explanations, I worked to hard while wearing it and must beat on it when doing laundry, housework etc. As she looked to Asher, she said that being a mother can do a lot of damage to the ring, lifting kids and playing with them, etc. Was she serious? So, I asked around. NOBODY! I asked had taken their rings to get repaired...NOBODY! Most did not buy their rings from Borsheims, either. Humm...I am beginning to wonder. I am a stockholder, but I am not too pleased. I am pretty sure the customer services lady was trying very hard NOT to please me, though.

After a few weeks in for repair, Asher and I went to pick up my ring yesterday. I have to admit, the ring looks amazing! It sparkles like the day Chris gave it to me. The repair shop did an amazing job. However, I will only wear it on special occasions. Chris spent all of his hard earned cash on this ring that I will no longer be wearing. I mean, I work to hard, I am a mom, and I do not see that changing. I want Chris to now buy me a simple band, one I can wear to clean, be a mom, and be ME!

Chris will be buying this band from Silpada. After all, my ring from there has held up great, and I do not need to worry about taking insurance out on it. And, if we are ever in the market for a ring, bracelet or anything again, I am not sure that Borsheims will be our first stop (or a stop at all). Afterall, the customer service lady more or less looked down over her nose and said that "I" should not be wearing the ring anyway.

Point taken.

Tiffany here I come! :)

The picture does not do it justice. It just sparkles! Not like I will see the sparkles in the safety deposit box, but it does sparkle none the less.


Courtney F said...

WOW! You have a beautiful ring. My ring is 11 years old and it has been repaired once (happened right after our wedding, otherwise it has been perfect.) I do have to take mine in to get sized down. It is way too big that I can't even wear it and type.

I can't believe the sales lady! Yes, kids are hard on jewerly, but most of us don't have a problem with that. It stinks that you have to limit your wear. Enjoy your new band.

The Austin Life said...

I would but now it is too big. I believe they messed it up by redoing it...but I'm sure they will say that is my fault. :)