Monday, October 15, 2012

My Dad's 1st Flight

Today, October 15, 2012, my Dad took his first flight in his self built RV-12 airplane. Yes, I have the coolest Dad I know (other than my amazing husband, that is, because he is pretty cool, too). It was nearly two years in the making, no pun intended, to get to today.

Dad had it all ready to go by the time we arrived with the entire family. Alivia is in the third grade, and I had never pulled her out of school early. But, today was an exception. How many times in the kids' lifetimes would they be able to see the first flight of an airplane that was made by someone they knew?! Perhaps this would be the only time.

Alivia was in tears when Grandpa Bill set off down the runway. She told Grandpa that his airplane was ugly (it has not yet been painted as that is one of the last things that happens) and that he was going to crash. What love and support! Addison kept saying how bored she was and how she hated the airport. Yes, in hindsight, I should have kept them in school and got a babysitter. :)

The flight was beautiful. My Dad flew and flew and flew. Chris and Dad's friends helped Dad along with the lengthy list of first flight checks while Mom and I tried to see where Dad was (seriously, he was difficult to spot!). He had a beautiful landing, gave us the thumbs up, and had a beaming RV-12 first flight smile. Amazing!

Congratulations to my Dad (and my Mom for putting up with him :) ). Bessie is one nice airplane and flew with grace. What an amazing accomplishment!

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Courtney F said...

Your pictures are wonderful and they tell the awesome story of that day! Love them!

What an amazing accomplishment. I am glad that Alivia was wrong!! :-)